[svlug] Local computer responds "connection refused"

Todd G. Gardner nicoli at bigfoot.com
Mon Jan 7 08:56:02 PST 2002

Hello J C,

J C Lawrence wrote:

>On Sun, 06 Jan 2002 21:42:42 -0800 
>Todd G Gardner <nicoli at bigfoot.com> wrote:
>>I am trying to ftp or telnet to another linux computer inside my
>Have you ensured that you are running and FTP daemon on the server
I am not sure how to see if an FTP daemon is running or not.  I am 
guessing that one is not but I am not sure.  I am running a default 
installation of RH72.

>Suggest: MuddleFTPd.
How do I find MuddleFTPd?

Thank you again,


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