[svlug] Local computer responds "connection refused"

Todd G. Gardner nicoli at bigfoot.com
Mon Jan 7 07:02:02 PST 2002

Sanatan Rai wrote:

>: I am trying to ftp or telnet to another linux computer inside my LAN.  I
>: can use samba to connect to the computer if it is booted into windows
>: but when I ftp, finger or telnet to that ip address it returns
>: "Connection Refused".  I can ping the box that I am trying to ftp to.
>	So you are trying to connect to the machine while it is booted up
>in windows? If so, then you will need to download/purchase, install and
>run ftp/telnet/ssh clients for windows. If the machine is booted up in
>Linux when you are trying to connect, then you need to ensure that xinetd
>is configured to run the appropriate services, do
>	man xinetd
>to get started on learning about it.
Both systems are booted into RH7.2.  I only mentioned the fact that I 
can use samba to connect to the remote system if the remote system is 
booted into Windows.  I don't want to boot that system into Windows.  I 
want to boot both systems into Linux.  Both systems can ftp out.

Obviously I need to learn quite a bit more about xinetd.  Is there 
anything else that you might recommend to read for a complete linux 
networking novice?

I hate to admit it but so far I do not even understand "man xinetd" or 
how I can use xinetd to allow incomming ftp.

Thank you again for listening to my ignorant questions.


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