[svlug] Local computer responds "connection refused"

Sanatan Rai sanat at stanford.edu
Sun Jan 6 22:27:02 PST 2002

: I am trying to ftp or telnet to another linux computer inside my LAN.  I
: can use samba to connect to the computer if it is booted into windows
: but when I ftp, finger or telnet to that ip address it returns
: "Connection Refused".  I can ping the box that I am trying to ftp to.

	So you are trying to connect to the machine while it is booted up
in windows? If so, then you will need to download/purchase, install and
run ftp/telnet/ssh clients for windows. If the machine is booted up in
Linux when you are trying to connect, then you need to ensure that xinetd
is configured to run the appropriate services, do

	man xinetd

to get started on learning about it.


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