[svlug] Call for Speakers

Steve Traugott stevegt at TerraLuna.Org
Sun Jan 6 19:11:01 PST 2002

Hi All,

Searching for speakers for this year -- please feel free to forward
the following call for speakers to interested parties:

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The Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG) has openings for speakers
for our monthly meetings during several upcoming months, beginning in
March 2002.  If you would like to present a topic of general interest
to the Linux community, please feel free to contact SVLUG speaker
coordinator Steve Traugott at speakers at svlug.org.  

About the group:

The Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG) is the oldest and one of
the largest Linux user groups in the world.  Past speakers include
Marc Andreessen, Paul Vixie, Tim O'Reilly, and Larry Wall.  SVLUG
celebrated its 10th anniversary at the March 4, 1998 meeting, where
Linus Torvalds addressed an audience of 500 people.  

SVLUG members include Linux professionals and enthusiasts in the
vicinity of San Jose, California, internationally known as Silicon
Valley.  Member interests include Linux and free or low-cost
implementations of Unix, as well as other open source software.  The
group was originally formed in 1988 as the PC-Unix Special Interest
Group of the Silicon Valley Computer Society.  

SVLUG meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month, in
conference centers provided by Cisco.  The meetings are either
technical presentations, product demonstrations, or general question
and answer meetings.  Typical audience size for the monthly meeting is
150-250 people, with as many as twice that for popular topics.  The
standard room configuration includes dual video projectors and
wireless microphones.  All meetings are free and open to the public.

See http://www.svlug.org for more information.

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