[svlug] Wheel Mouse Optical... Evil?

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Sun Jan 6 15:27:01 PST 2002

Rafael wrote:
> > invention in the general field described in the title and summary, but
> > some sort of invention.  Some of the patants may be invalid, but it is
> > unlikely that they all are.
> I never claimed that all are invalid.

Thank you.  In that case, you must have been talking out of your ass
when you claimed that they have never invented anything.

> Something like I had to do with a hard drive bracket, drill 4 holes, in
> order to install the drives (bought at Fry's) in Dell computer because
> original; brackets don't have mounting holes. Perhaps I should patent that
> innovation :-)

It is likely that drilling holes to fit other holes is both obvious and
not novel, so it can't be patented. If, however, you came up with some
clever way of drilling the very same holes more efficiently, accurately,
etc., that might well be a legitimate invention that is patentable.  It
doesn't take much.  On the other hand, most patents are not worth much. 
But they're still inventions.

> OK, I repeat once more: they did not invent much

That's not repeating.  That is effectively a ratraction of your earlier
statement that they have not invented anything.  Thank you very much.

> - innovate, [L. innovatus, to renew, to alter, to remodel], to change or
> alter, to introduce novelties.
> - invent, [L. inventio, a discovery, to come upon, discover], to think up,
> ingenuity.
> There is a difference and I go by those definitions representing 2 levels
> of coming up with (new) ideas.

There is a difference, but you have misinterpreted a difference in
definition as meaning that the two categories are distinct.  They are
not.  By your definitions, something that is thought up as a way of
changing something is an innovation that is also an invention.

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