[svlug] ide-scsi or how to install an CD-RW (ATAPI)

kyonos kyonos at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 01:03:02 PST 2002


  The original redhat 7.2 kernel can mount the cd-rw,
I can read from it, but I haven't tried to write yet. 
I am now running 2.4.16, and I can't get it to mount. 

  I compiled with the option SCSI Emulation support
enabled under IDE...Block devices; and under SCSI
support, I selected: scsi support, disk support,
generic support and the next 3 choices.  (These are
copied from the 7.2 redhat config file, kernel
   So far, I have no luck. What did I miss? Thanks
ahead . 
  Yes, I also have the hdd=ide-scsi on the boot
command.  I haven't tried hdd=scsi though.  I can't
use that original kernel because x freaks my monitor 2
out of 3 times. I haven't recompiled that version
since I am leary of it but I will do so if there is no
other ways. 


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