[svlug] Wheel Mouse Optical... Evil?

Michael Eric Battle mikebat at getnet.net
Sat Jan 5 23:14:02 PST 2002

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Michael Eric Battle wrote:
> > Look, the Empire has explained at length why *NIX "makes no sense on the
> > desktop":
> > http://www.biznix.org/whylinux/microsoft1.htm
> I need a mouse for browsing uhmm... the web.  Yeah.  :)

Sure.  Any old excuse...  Don't you know you're supposed to use Internet
Exploiter(tm) to surf the web?  That requires WinBloze(r) and that would
solve all your Linux and X problems.

> > you're likely to find that it's actually a violation of the EULA and the
> > DMCA to use that mouse on other than a Micro$oft(tm) Winbloze(r) system!

> I'm fairly astonished that they went to this length personally.  I'm
> flatly shocked that things like this didn't make it into the anti-trust
> trial.

No, nevermind the trial.  They've been given a green light by the DOJ.

> > gathered while it has been spying on you.  You must kill it.  KILL IT!!!
> > Alternatively, if you still have the box, you might be able to get some
> > $$$ for it on eBay.
> Actually, I'd rather wrap the cord oh-so-snugly around the neck of Bill
> Gates for the sake of the entire human race and computer technology as a
> whole if I could get a pardon in advance for the crime.

Uh huh.  Perhaps we could contract with parties that handle such things.

> Oh by the way, since this sort of thing is the stuff that restraining
> orders are made of, you didn't hear this and I was never here--my computer
> has been possessed by the ancestral ghosts of Chinese hackers and good
> luck filing a legal writ on them.

"Hacked by Chinese", eh?  They'll hear nothing from me.

> > Then go down to Fry's and buy a non-Micro$oft mouse with 3 buttons, like

> Actually, I'm considering just going out and buying a Logitech optical
> mouse now... but it won't be from Fry's.  I'd like the thing to work.

I cite Fry's only because it's so (in)famous.  I'll state for the record
the customer service nazis suck, and THEY"RE REALLY NOT THAT CHEAP,

> Until I had these little monsters all sitting side by side I wouldn't have
> believed that they'd actually try to make hardware that doesn't conform to
> standards properly.

Hey, the M$ fanboys still don't believe it.  Of course it works for
We don't need no stinkeeng _standards_!

Actually, it sounds like the default communication protocol of this
is USB, and (see elsewhere in this thread) that apparently works OK.
To make it use PS/2 protocol you maybe have to send it a command?  The
M$ driver for the WMO probably handles this, but the gpm driver for PS/2 
(you mentioned imps2) wouldn't know squat about this requirement.  Look 
for the hacks to come out with either a special driver for WMO or a
to the PS/2 or Intellimouse driver.  How long this will take is
guess, but the process would of course be facilitated by documentation
the WMO, which you're best off not holding your breath for.

In the meantine you need a mouse which speaks one of the known,
protocols.  Personally I prefer trackballs, and have a source for used
Mouse-Traks: http://www.mouse-trak.com/ which speak PS/2 without


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