[svlug] aic7xxx driver hangs while installing SGI XFS 1.01

Glow Nair somanglow at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 5 17:23:01 PST 2002


I'd appreciate any help that I can get from linux experts
here. When trying to install SGI XFS 1.01, the server
hangs with the following error message:

Message box title: Loading SCSI driver
Message: Loading aic7xxx driver...

Here are the details on my server:
Server board: L440GX+
Disk: IBM DDRS-391390 Ultrastar 9ES 9.1GB HDD. 68 pin.
SCSI bios: Adaptec AIC-7896 SCSI BIOS v2.57S2B3
BIOS: PhoneixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
Processors: Dual Intel ® Pentium III processor 550Mhz
Memory: 640K Sytem RAM, 0523264K Extended Memory, 0512K Cache SRAM
Is there an updated driver for this drive or motherboard? Or has
it been updated in SGI XFS 1.02?

Thanks in advance. Any info or links to relevant messages
would be very much appreciated.:)

Glow Nair
somanglow at hotmail.com

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