[svlug] can't login to RH 7.1

Vince Duperron duperron at charter.net
Sat Jan 5 14:29:02 PST 2002


> On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 12:20:47PM -0600, Vince Duperron wrote:
> > Hello;
> > 
> > Just finished a firewall install of Redhat 7.1.  The first thing I 
> > want to be able to to is login to the box to finish up the box.
> > I can't login via ssh, telnet or serial.  I have checked, sshd is running,
> > xinitd is running (and the telnet service is chkconfig'd on) and I 
> > have placed a getty in the /etc/inittab file to listen for incoming
> > serial connections.  The file /etc/nologin doesn't exist.  What is
> > the trick!
> > 
> > Vince 
> If you enabled firewall in install process then ssh is blocked unless you 
> explicitly allow ssh in.
> Check if the firewall is blocking any ports.
> ipchains -nL  or
> iptables -nL
> You can disable firewall in startup scripts to be able to cnnect to the 
> system and configure it. Be carefull if the box is across town...
> telnet has nothing to do with ssh. Disable it!

Thanks for the advice.  Gdm was hosing up the serial port, turned
it off and I can login to the serial port.
I agree with you that telnet should not be enabled on a firewall box.
I was just looking for a way in, any way in!  Now I can take my time
and get things config'd.

Have a nice weekend


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> Rafael

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