[svlug] can't login to RH 7.1

Rafael raffi at ark.linwin.com
Sat Jan 5 14:14:02 PST 2002

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 12:20:47PM -0600, Vince Duperron wrote:
> Hello;
> Just finished a firewall install of Redhat 7.1.  The first thing I 
> want to be able to to is login to the box to finish up the box.
> I can't login via ssh, telnet or serial.  I have checked, sshd is running,
> xinitd is running (and the telnet service is chkconfig'd on) and I 
> have placed a getty in the /etc/inittab file to listen for incoming
> serial connections.  The file /etc/nologin doesn't exist.  What is
> the trick!
> Vince 

If you enabled firewall in install process then ssh is blocked unless you 
explicitly allow ssh in.

Check if the firewall is blocking any ports.
ipchains -nL  or
iptables -nL

You can disable firewall in startup scripts to be able to cnnect to the 
system and configure it. Be carefull if the box is across town...

telnet has nothing to do with ssh. Disable it!


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