[svlug] Wheel Mouse Optical... Evil?

Rafael raffi at ark.linwin.com
Sat Jan 5 11:27:01 PST 2002

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 02:09:29AM -0800, Jeffrey Siegal wrote:
> Michael Eric Battle wrote:
> > Then go down to Fry's and buy a non-Micro$oft mouse with 3 buttons, like
> > everybody knows a good UNIX mouse needs anyway, for one-half or
> > one-third
> > of what you paid for the M$ evil mouse, or maybe less.  Personally I
> > kinda
> > like the ones that look like NASCAR race cars.
> I have a MS Wheel Mouse Optical for which I paid $5, after rebate.  And
> frankly for the money it is a damn nice piece of hardware.  Luckily for
> me it didn't happen to be on any of the systems on which I run Linux.  I
> would very much like to see the WMO problem fixed, though.
> There are few markets where Microsoft has ever really faced real
> competition and succeeded largely by delivering quality products, but
> I'd say that their hardware business is one of them, perhaps the only
> one.

That's very (!) unfair to other manufacturers who had to bend backwards
thousands of times to accomodate crappy software from MS. How many times
do you see "Made for MS Windows" on boxes of computer related products? So
what hardware manufacturing is MS in? Mouse and keyboard? They bought or
licensed from those who designed that in the first place.

Microsoft never invented anything, correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, I forgot,
"Windows key"... I'll be happy to see them stay with software and messup
only with those who's mind is limited to "MS vision". Their minds are
warped like MS keyboards. Live hardware guys alone, they know their stuff.

Logitech USB wheel optical mouse beats most mice out there IMO. No need to
clean, no mechanical parts to jam, wear out, or break. It works on all
surfaces you normaly find to move your mouse on. I tested it with Intel,
Tyan, and Asus motherboards. Works with Redhat and Mandrake out of the
box, no additional drivers needed.

Logitech is a bit more expensive than other manufacturers but I expect the 
mouse to work for many years to come. And why not "reward" manufacturers 
of good products? Why always go for the cheapest stuff, perhaps made in 
commie China and replace it once a year because it breaks more likely?

My previous optical mouse that needed special board is still working
(including the one on Sparc 5) but needs serial port which I need for 
other stuff in newer system.

Now, if we can get a USB Sun keyboard with side keys working with Linux
then I'll upgrade.  Cut/paste keys in addition to the same functions on
mouse are really cool. Until that keyboard works with all it's keys on
Linux I'll keep my, expensive keyboard from 386 days.


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