[svlug] forwarding svlug-announce to sbay.linux newsgroup

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Wed Jan 2 03:01:02 PST 2002

>Subject: Re: [svlug] forwarding svlug-announce to sbay.linux newsgroup
>From: Ron <theotiwii at earthlink.net>
>To: svlug at svlug.org
>Date: 02 Jan 2002 02:06:42 -0800
>OK, from a previous posting on this list I've established I have nothing
>to do at this particular (early morning) hour. So I ask myself,
>Wait a minute! I live in the HEART of San Jose and according to the
>compass that would be SOUTH of the bay!
>So... why aren't I subscribed to the sbay list?
>Whoa, I grew up a sailor and "South Bay" and "Linux User's Group" never
>I might suggest a definition of "sbay" and one of those convenient
>"click me to join" URL's as a reply to this message might help.
>South Bay Linux User's Group? Go figure!

Hello Ron.  I don't believe we've met.  Sounds like you're new here...
Welcome to SVLUG.

I think you misunderstood the message.  Though I can see it could be a
murky line between them if you haven't used a Usenet newsgroup before.

The sbay.linux newsgroup is just a discussion forum.  However, a Usenet
newsgroup is not a mail list.  Newsgroups work differently - all articles
are broadcast to all participating servers and you just read them at your
site.  You can ask your ISP how to access newsgroups from their service.
Or you can use Google Groups for web-based access to them.
( http://groups.google.com/ )  If you use Mozilla, Netscape or IE as your
browser, it has a newsreader built in.  The mailer you use (Evolution)
does not have a newsreader.

If your newsreader is configured then subscribe to "sbay.linux" or this URL:
Otherwise use Google Groups' web access:

All the sbay newsgroups cover the South Bay/Silicon Valley area.  So
sbay.linux covers the South Bay just like SVLUG does.  There is no
conflict between the existence of the two - just different histories.
SVLUG has meetings, installfests, a mail list and a web site.  The
sbay.linux newsgroup is another place to post Linux-related news and
discsussion in the South Bay.  Neither claims a monopoly on Linux
discussion in Silicon Valley, since that would be impossible anyway
in such a technical and chatty place. :-)

The sbay newsgroups were originally founded in 1992 by Steve Harding and
other local BBS sysops as a private discussion area for numerous BBS's
and residential sites in the South Bay and Santa Cruz areas.  In 1993,
sbay.org was formed by the same people and took on the role of coordinating
the newsgroups and news/mail transport between the sites, among other things.
In 1994, as ISPs began to grow, the sbay newsgroups were opened to the
public and a few new ones (including sbay.linux) were added.  More
newsgroups were added in 1995 and 2000.

So, to clarify... the sbay.linux newsgroup is a discussion forum and
a place to post news items, not another Linux User Group.  SVLUG is the
Linux User Group for the South Bay/Silicon Valley area.  As the largest
LUG in the region, SVLUG also has cordial ties to all the LUGs in Northern
and Central California and Northern Nevada.  So again, no conflicts there.

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