[svlug] forwarding svlug-announce to sbay.linux newsgroup

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Wed Jan 2 00:06:01 PST 2002

For those who weren't aware of one of our volunteer's efforts, Brian
Bilbrey has been forwarding some messages from the svlug-announce list
to the South Bay's sbay.linux newsgroup.  That's been part of an effort
he began in late 2000 to help revitalize the sbay.linux newsgroup.  Today
Brian and I began talking about making an auto-posting gateway.  Don't
worry - it'll also "de-spam" all e-mail addresses by replacing "@" with
" [at] " (including the spaces).

This is just an FYI that we intend to do this.  It isn't ready yet.
I just sent Brian a copy of a script that I have which forwards
bulletins from the California Office of Emergency Services (OES) to
the sbay.general and sbay.hams newsgroups if they have the name of
any South Bay city, town, creek or other relevant local keywords.
I have another similar script which takes stuff from the Bay Area
Transportation News list and posts it in sbay.transportation if it
matches any local South Bay keywords.  Obviously we won't need to
filter svlug-announce, since any announcements there are assumed to
apply to the same geographical area as the sbay.linux newsgroup.

You should be able to access the sbay.linux newsgroup from the
Usenet newsgroups service at your ISP.  But if not (or if you
prefer a web interface), you can also read and post to it via
Google Groups (formerly Deja News):

As you'll see, it's rather underutilized right now.  We've expected the
revitalization effort to be a slow process over the course of several
years.  (The news spammers basically killed all local discussion between
1995 and 2000.  When a campaign against the spammers yielded results, we
began trying to bring the discussions back.)  So let's get the word out
and recruit more participants for the newsgroup again.

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