[svlug] free tool to shrink ntfs filesystem?

Jose Medeiros josemedeiros at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 30 18:39:38 PDT 2002


Caldera 2.3 came with a free version of PQMagic but my not work on NTFS
version 5.0 and higher.
However Fry's Partition Magic 7.0 is on sale this week for 9.95
after rebates and will work on all versions of NTFS.

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Subject: [svlug] free tool to shrink ntfs filesystem?

> Anyone know of a free and reliable tool to shrink an existing NTFS
> partition without destroying the data on it?
> I am pretty sure that Partition Magic can do it, but I am cheapskating
> on this one.
> Roland
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