[svlug] re-ordering entries in FAT directories

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Fri Aug 30 15:54:22 PDT 2002

Do anyone know of  a tool that will take all the entries  in a FAT directory
(although in theory  the same program depending on the  algorithm would work
on ext2 too)

The goal is as follows:
I have a certain number of mp3s that were mass-uploaded to an IDE drive. The
copy program  just did a readdir  and copied the files  in random order. The
player unfortunately  doesn't sort by  filename when  it plays, so  the play
order is random too, which works very badly for albums where order matters.

Is  there a  program  that can  recurse through  directories,  take all  the
entries  and re-sort  them (probably  by  copying all  the files  to a  temp
filename in the  order they need to  be in the directory,  and then renaming

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