[svlug] swapping motherboards

josh joshw at speakeasy.net
Fri Aug 30 14:30:31 PDT 2002

Hi all

I recently completed a lovely install of slackware for my companies
webserver/cvs machine and I got to thinking: "hey, what if we actually
pull out of our current economic slump [by 'our', I mean 'my work']
and people start looking at our website a lot?  Will this old,
wheezing AMD K6-2 300 be enough to handle it?"  And, I figure, it

So my question is, say I want to upgrade the motherboard & cpu.  I can
just swap them out, keep the disks mounted on the same IDE channels and
everything should be fine, right?  I don't have anything like hardware
monitoring or stuff like that running, just regular server stuff like
apache, cvs, mysql, etc.

- josh

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