[svlug] Re: Re: virtual domain names inside the LAN [SOLVED]

Ira Abramov lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org
Wed Aug 28 05:34:28 PDT 2002

Quoting Daevid Vincent, from the post of Wed, 28 Aug:
> Well, maybe this will help somebody so they don't go set up DNS when
> they don't need to (no offense to Ira, that was a valid suggestion, and

> As Drew states, you can simply add all the entries into your Linux box's
> /etc/hosts file like so 
> And also do the same for WinXP's "hosts" file
> C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or any other boxes you need this
> 'fake DNS' for.

what's easier to maintain? I offered a solution that you implement at a
single place, the DNS. automaticly all the stations see the info. if you
update your /etc/hosts and every single hosts file on the windows
machines you accomplish the same thing (solution at the name resolution
point) but if you have N machines, any update to the hosts files is done
at o(N) rather than o(1). messy. Infact it's not a solution but a
kludge. I think like a sysadmin and I hate messy kludges, because they
tend to break more easely or spring bugs.

> One remaining question. Is it bad practice or is there any
> benefit/detriment to using vs. for ALL those
> IP's? That is, should I switch them all on /etc/hosts to since
> it is the same machine as localhost anyways?

if a host resolves the address to be itself is always correct then go
for it. if you want a single hosts file to be correct to the linux
server, other linux machines, and windows machines, how can you POSSIBLY
use the loopback address? they won't go to the right host?

I suggest you stick to web development and hire a sysadmin for a few
hours :)

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