[svlug] Re: Re: virtual domain names inside the LAN

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Tue Aug 27 17:48:44 PDT 2002

> The very last idea that pops into mind is a wild speculation 
> and I have never tried it - Apache has a proxy module. try to 
> enable it and have lynx use it. maybe it's smart enough to 
> reply to proxy requests for one of it's local alias hosts 
> without going out and trying to get the packet translated by 
> the router, since afterall it has access to the same config 
> files. wild speculation, but has a good chance of working.

I think that would only work for web though right? 

I'd still have issues with mail @marq.org and @vrexhibits.com etc..
And also ssh/telnet/ftp and anything else.

I think after all you've explained that setting up BIND is the way to
go, especially if it's not terribly difficult as you stated earlier.
Would you agree?

> other than that and a BIND9 setup I'm dried up of ideas. It's 
> 3am here, so we'll talk again tomorrow if that didn't work.

Thank you for all your indepth help. It was very informative and broken
down so I can understand it.


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