[svlug] virtual domain names inside the LAN

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Tue Aug 27 05:04:57 PDT 2002

Shouldn't the linux box know about itself and all it's own virtual
domains? I mean, how come if I'm telnetted in, and I "lynx
http://www.marq.org" or "lynx http://www.daevid.com" it doesn't know
that those virtual domains are itself, but rather sends me to the router
which is  Whereas external people can get there just fine. 

Do I really need to set up DNS on this box? Is that difficult? Can't I
just modify a 'hosts' file or something for all my virtual domains? I
still think Linux should know it's virtual domains without this.


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I have a netgear RP114 router. Everything is fine except for one
annoyance that I'm hoping you can resolve for me...

I have several computers connected to the RP114 all in the default
192.168.0.x range.

My real IP is (and that is the DHCP IP of the router)

I have a linux server that hosts several virtual domain names that I set
to a static IP of I have port forwarding for 80, 20-25,
110, 143 to go to that IP. Computers outside my LAN can get there and
everything is peachy creamy.

How can I set things up so that any machine on the LAN (192.168.0.x) can
use the virtual domain names as well to get to the linux box?

In a real world example. The linux box is 'daevid.com', 'marq.org',
'theOctane.com', etc. I want my main WindowsXP workstation (
to be able to browse to those domain names or use 'daevid.com' as my
Outlook SMTP server, just like any other machine _outside_ my LAN can
do. As it is, if I type one of those domains in my web browser, I am
sent to the Netgear router admin page. Ugh. This is a problem because
even if I use I am only sent to 'daevid.com' (the
main box name) and I have no way to get to any of the virtual domain
names then.

I look forward to your prompt and detailed reply.


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-You need to make one of your machine a "DNS server" which stores the
Domain name and the email address of the Linux box or any other machine
hosting the server -You have to check some resources( like MS or Linux
community) to install a local DNS server a that is  OS specific.

Shailendra Naresh - Netgear


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