[svlug] Linux Terminal Server (LTSP) problem : workstation could not find TFTP file

Rob Walker rob at myinternetplace.net
Mon Aug 26 09:08:03 PDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-08-25 at 21:40, Stephen Liu wrote:
> > Once again, get a packet trace with tcpdump, save it to a file, and then
> > open it in ethereal.  That should tell you exactly what file the tftp
> > client is asking for, and why the client is reporting that the file
> > doesn't exist.
> Could you please provide me more details how to perform it.

You might need to be root to do this.

tcpdump -ni eth0 -s 0 -w output.file

Then email me the output.file after it gets done failing a couple of


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