[svlug] Rev OS report?

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Mon Aug 26 00:38:25 PDT 2002

I talked with some people who left the previous showing of Revolution OS
before ours.  They had some strange idea they were going to "miss the crowd".
(What crowd? :-)  They said there were 6 people in the theater for their
showing.  We doubled that for ours.

I have a bit of a concern whether the Camera Cinemas is going to make
money if the audiences remain small.  I hope they did well when it opened
on Friday.

>From: "Rafael Skodlar,,," <raffi at linwin.com>
>I believe that a DVD will do better if sold at Linux events of any kind
>than the presentation did in the theatre. It's hard to comment on the
>movie where you know all the "actors" (most of them personaly) and the
>audience watching it. The movie should be shown at LWE or such event
>to draw larger crowd IMO.

They showed this for the first time at LWCE 2001 in San Francisco.  I missed
that one since it was a very busy show for me.  So today was the first time
I've seen Revolution OS.  Someone did some legwork to convince San Jose's
Camera Cinemas to show the film.

Yeah, I don't think I've ever had the experience of watching anyone I know
on the big screen.  But in this case I saw them all over the place.
This should be a must-see for anyone who associates at all with SVLUG.
(Every time Marc was on the screen we looked around and said, "Where is
he anyway?" since he missed the showing that he organized. :-)

Not quite sure... I think I even got 1/4 second of screen time myself. :-)
It was during one of the pans across the show floor at LinuxWorld Expo in
Summer 1999.  Even the thought that I might have seen myself on the big
screen is a first for me.

>I saw it for the first time and would buy a DVD for personal use right
>away. It was relatively good documentary but a lot of things were left
>out. I wish they included more "actors" that were, or are involved in
>Open Source development besides the ones they did and some events that
>were important also.

Considering the director/producer was from outside the Open Source
community before he made the film, I think I can give him wide latitude
on that.  For the info he had and for most of his audience, I think
he did a fine job of presenting the high-level story of what happenned.
It's unavoidable that we know more details about the story than they can
put in a film.

I agree on the DVD.  I would buy it now.  I will buy it when it's released.
(It was only last month that I gave up on boycotting DVDs since that message
isn't being heard.  I'll make sure to help the EFF more.)

I still recommend that anyone who missed the group event today, try to
catch it while it's showing in the Towne 3 theater.  SVLUG is specifically
mentioned and they have shots of at least one of our installfests.  (You'll
see familiar faces all over.)  But we also want the Camera Cinemas to
have a good experience from taking the risk of showing this film.
So make an effort to see it.  And bring your friends.

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