[svlug] KVM problems

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Wed Aug 21 08:02:40 PDT 2002

> When you switch into Linux and your mouse goes nuts, hit ctrl-alt-F8,
> then ctrl-alt-F7.  Works for me.  Inelegant and annoying, but I think
> it might beat 3 mice on the desk.

Yes, I have the same issue.  I read someplace that it's the KVM
losing the protocol state on the switch, and that it just needs
the reset (whatever protocol message that is) to regain it's

On switching back into X, I just switch off X to a virtual
console (any one will do) and back to X (ie, ctrl-alt-f1,
ctrl-alt-f7) and that does the protocol magic to fix the crazy

My problem is that I have a mix of old and new computers, so
switching to USB is problematic.  I'm also waiting and hoping
that someone will market a DVI-I capable KVM (fat chance, I
know) so I'm reluctant to go out there and buy the latest KVM now

The issue, it seems, is mostly the wheel and how it talks.  My
mouse is fine when I don't map it as both a scroller and a middle
button... but once I do, I get the crazy mouse effect mentioned
in this thread.  However, after disdaining the wheel for several
years now, once I started using it I fnd it pretty much required
for my basic I/O happiness.  So, going back to a vanilla mouse is
not an option.

So, I suspect I will have to live with the console switching for
now.  As a partial workaround, I do use VNC which works well for
many things, but for some things I do need the full screen.

Anyone know of a new 4 port KVM that does support DVI-I?


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