[svlug] Red Hat 7.3 problem(s)

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Tue Aug 20 22:32:04 PDT 2002

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> 	But, after telling it to give me a 1024X768 X window it 
> up-chucked and gave me an unstable 800X600 on my nice new 17 inch active 
> matrix flat screen monitor! Odd, since Red Hat 7.2 on the same machine 
> works just fine.
> 	At first thought Xconfigurator was bad, but looked at the 
> Xserver log file from /var/log/ and saw that the module for my video 
> card was not loading. It's a module called tdfxfb.o and I was surprised 
> to see it was present on version 7.3 but not working.
> 	I tried #modprobe tdfx and got "module not found". Tried it on 
> this 7.2 and it worked fine.

   if it's tdfxfb.o then you have to do modprobe tdfxfb

   you shouldn't modprobe the module though, it should be specified as a 
driver in your XF86Config:

Section "Device"
         Identifier      "3Dfx Voodoo3"
         Driver          "tdfx"


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