[svlug] KVM problems

David Christensen dpchrist at inreach.com
Tue Aug 20 15:56:29 PDT 2002

svlug at lists.svlug.org:

"josh" <joshw at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> I've got a little bit of a problem with my kvm switch...
> Belkin SOHO KVM

I run both AT and PS/2 motherboards and have tried five different KVM
switches over the past couple of years.  *None* were 100%.  When I tried
a Belkin, my mouse also went nuts under Linux.  Belkin tech support told
me to hack the XFree86 configuration file -- yeah, right.  I should have
sent Belkin a list of the dozens of OS's I can/have/do run and ask them
for the hacks for each.  ;-)

I kept the Raritan SW4 because it supported the hardware I own and had
defects I could live with if I lowered my expectations (it looses track
of keyboard repeat rate & delay when switching between computers, and
the mouse periodically freezes for 5-10 seconds):


If you have only PS/2 motherboards and don't press the 'Ctrl' key by
itself twice in a row (e.g. Duke Nukem 3D), the following IOGear model
was otherwise flawless (responsive mouse and keyboard, crisp video):



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