[svlug] KVM problems

josh joshw at speakeasy.net
Tue Aug 20 14:01:07 PDT 2002

Hi again!

I've got a little bit of a problem with my kvm switch, or with linux,
or perhaps just with my factory-installed wetware:

When I switch to linux using the kvm switch, if linux is running X, it
screws up the mouse, causing wild movements and uncalled-for
spontaneous clicking.  Here's a sample scene:

<1> I'm in windows.  Everything is working normally.  I decide to go
configure sendmail, because I love doing it so goddamn much.

<2> I switch to linux on my KVM.  I see KDE 3.01 in all it's glory.

<3> I move the mouse.  Two context menus appear and the panel slides
out of view.

<4> I become confused and move the mouse again.  The cursor moves
wildly, the panel slides back in and the K menu pops up.  An
application asks me if I want to save before closing.

<5> I remember that my kvm switch sucks, kill X via ctrl-alt-bkspc,
put a different mouse on the linux box and restart X.

So, I have a functional install now, in that I can make things work,
but I have a profusion of mice - I count three on my desk at this
writing - a problem that the kvm switch was supposed to fix.
What do I have to do to use just one mouse?  Anyone else ever have
this problem - actually, I know at least one other person that does, so
it's not just me.

Here's the specs:

MS Intellimouse Explorer (the one with the 2 buttons on the side) PS/2 connection
Slackware 8.0 & 8.1

- josh

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