[svlug] E-mail via proxy & netatalk

Chris Gippert chrisg at intekom.co.za
Mon Aug 19 22:39:10 PDT 2002

Hello all
1. E-mail via proxy.
I have a network consisting of Apple Macintosh computers. The
server/internet gateway is a Linuxbox running RH7.3. I am able to connect to
the internet using an internal modem. All of the Apples are able to browse
the net. The proxy server is Squid.

I am running Bind, Apache web server and MySQl. This is so that I can
develop and test websites on my intranet. (I have included this information
just in case Bind has something to do with this.)

My problem is that I am not able to retrieve or send any e-mail via my ISP
while I am connected via the proxy. The mail client is set to tunnel. I can
however do this if one of the Apples connect directly to the net using its
own built in modem. There is obviously something I have not setup correctly
on the Linuxbox. Can someone please tell me where to look?

2. Netatalk.
Netatalk allows the Linuxbox to communicate with the Apple computers. It can
communicate both via Apple talk and TCP/IP. TCP/IP is the faster option. In
order to connect to the LinuxBox from an Apple I go to the chooser select
the name of the LinuxBox and connect. Unfortunately this connects using
Apple talk. To connect via TCP/IP I have to type in the IP address of the
server. I have posted this question on the Netatalk website and they said it
was my firewall preventing connection via TCP/IP. I know very little about
firewalls. I am using whatever is installed by default with RH7.3. The port
that Netatalk uses to communicate is 548. Is there some easy way to tell the
Firewall that port 548 is friendly?

Thanks in advance

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