[svlug] LWE 2002 in SF

Jose Medeiros josemedeiros at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 18 09:46:57 PDT 2002

I also stopped at the booth, NIS password syncs is nice, however
most companies are going to Iplanet Directory servers or Open LDAP with AD.
I suggested to the Microsoft Product Managers that they should also add LDAP
password synchronization as well.
Hopefully they will add it in a future release.

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From: "Sean Allen" <zeroone at worldonline.co.za>

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> I went to listen to what they had to say, just for a laugh. They were
> peddling UNIX services for windows 3.0, NFS client and server, as well
> as a gateway server so you can have one box act as file share gateway
> between networks of *nixen / blows, NIS - ADO interoperability (change
> your passwd on *NIX, it automatically propagates to ADO, and vise-versa
> , ksh/tcsh, gcc and libs, The (admittedly knowledgeable) fellow even
> compiled an apache tarball with mod_ssl from a standing start (on XP,
> with the toolkit)as I watched.
> I think it's pretty interesting that now they are trying to inter
> operate with the "typical linux cluster backend" (their words) instead
> of calling it a cancer or pretending it doesn't exist.
> Sean Allen

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