[svlug] Attn: New Zaurus owners

nbs nbs at sonic.net
Sat Aug 17 01:15:19 PDT 2002

Someone from NBLUG just suggested to me that I should let people know
about my Zaurus FAQ, since he saw so many NBLUG members with new shiny
Zaurii they picked up at LWE this week.

Well, that I shall!  I'll also mention some other great Zaurus sites:

  Unofficial Sharp Zaurus FAQ:

  Zaurus Software Index    [kinda like Freshmeat, but just for Zaurus]

  Official Zaurus Site:

  Zaurus software site at Handango:    [linked-to off of MyZaurus]

  Sharp Zaurus HOWTOs

And here are some quick tips:

  * Why can't I beam to the Zaurus?
    Be sure to turn Beam-Receive on  (under Settings)

  * Can I transfer my Palm data over?
    Beaming is the easiest way.  e.g., in the Palm addressbook app.,
    go to list view mode (i.e., don't be looking at one particular entry),
    select "All" for the category, then tap the Menu icon and select
    "Beam Category."  Simple as that!

  * Where's the terminal!?
    The terminal app's not preloaded.  It's on the CDROM, I think, but that
    one sucks.  Get embeddedkonsole-tabs, as it's way cooler!

  * And SSH?
    Get OpenSSH here:

Enjoy these, for starters.  There's a ton of software and a ton of info. all
over the web.  Have fun!


PS - See you at Picn*x!

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