[svlug] Modem setting and ppp direction

Karl F. Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Wed Aug 14 13:58:57 PDT 2002

	I'm using Red Hat 72 with Gnome and my Dialup system has gone 
bonkers after many weeks of good service. Now almost everytime I boot up 
when I try to connect to my ISP I get connected but the modem is set for 
some odd thing and it doesn't work.

	So learning I bring up the Dialup setup and delete the modem 
setting and get it to search for a new modem and set it up. Then it 
works all day this way. But on the next boot up same thing.

	I found hidden 3 places ppp setup scripts and cleaned them up as 
a root login. But I can't find the file for the modem setup. Does anyone 
know where I can find this file?

	Kuzo has been a pain in the hind quarters! I found it's conf 
file and put nothing in it. Hope it's disabled....

Yours Truly,

  	 - Karl F. Larsen,   (505) 524-3303  -

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