[svlug] Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggggg!

svlug@gory.org svlug at gory.org
Tue Aug 13 21:48:23 PDT 2002

This has not been a good night.

I got an 80Gb IBM Deskstar today and slapped it in one of my linux boxes
and it's only seeing 32Gb of the disk.  So I looked on the mobo
manufacturer's web site and pulled down the latest BIOS update as my rev
is six back.

Now I just can't figure out how to make a friggin bootable dos floppy so
I can the bizatch updated.  The only windows machines I have are win2k
and XP vmware installs and I guess after 98, M$ disabled the '/s' option
for format.

I can boot the box with a real XP install disk and then 'cd' over to the
floppy where I can see the file that needs to get run, but I just can't
execute it as it's not a command that the installer knows about.  That's
one hell of a run-on sentence, but I'm pulling out my hair.

This is driving me absolutely crazy -- can anyone think of a way to
create a bootable dos floppy?  Am I stupid beyond belief and making this
way more difficult than it really needs to be?

Please help a brutha out before I have a heart attack.

Thanks in advance,

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