[svlug] Disabling hardware probling in kickstart

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Tue Aug 13 21:46:25 PDT 2002

So, I have few quickstart configs working, and I know about most of the
bugs and workarounds.

However I have a new problem I hadn't encountered yet.
I'm installing RH 7.3 on a penguin computing 2U (yeah, don't laugh, I didn't
buy it) and it shipped with a hardware raid card.
The problem is that the piece of crap crashes any version of linux as soon
as linux loads the AIC driver.
The MB is an intel 440GX with dual onboard adaptec SCSI, I know those boards
well since they're the same than VA used to ship.

I'm guessing that this was a motherboard with faulty SCSI and it was shipped
with a Raid card (or the SCSI went bad by itself although it was never used)
which is all fine and dandy until you try to reload linux.

I know I can tell the RH install not to autoload modules, but I don't really
want to do an normal install when I have a custom kickstart config

Hence the  question: can  you configure  kickstart to  not autoprobe  a SCSI
module (short of hacking the image that  is pulled over the net and removing
the aic module)?
(selecting interactive doesn't work, it loads the modules before dropping
into interactive)

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