[svlug] BayLISA topic is cool (this week!)

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Tue Aug 13 12:20:14 PDT 2002

Since Nathan's talk will be digging into how evil this was for an end
user's security and privacy, I think a number of SVLUG folk may find
it particularly interesting, even if you're not into sysadmin stuff

The meeting is day after tomorrow (this Thursday) and the speaker is
up 7:30 to 9:30 pm.  

Assuming you haven't been sucked into some Thursday night party at LWE
of course.  But most of the cool parties seem to be on Wednesday, so
it looks like it doesn't conflict...

Jobs offered, jobs wanted, and event announcements can also be made 
at the BayLISA microphone.  (But jobs have to be sysadmin or netadmin

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Subject: BayLISA: Thursday, Aug 15, 7:30 pm
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  The thid Thursday in August being on the 15th, it may feel a bit early
  this month.  But still, this meeting of BayLISA< the sysadmins and net
  admin group of the Silicon Valley Bay Area, should not be missed.

  Because of Linux World Expo in S.F. this week it is possible that a great
  many interesting folk from out of town may be present.

  But our speaker for the evening will be

	Nathan Good

		Nathan is currently with HP Laboratories' Information
		Dynamics Lab.  In the past he worked at Xerox PARC in
		Human Document Interfaces, and at the University of
		Minnesota on the GroupLens project.

  The topic?

  	Interface Design and Security

		Security is a big thing for many of us as sysadmins these 
		days but it is, in a much more subtle way, also an issue 
		for users.  HP Laboratories did a study into the interface 
		of Kazaa and how its interface allows users to share
		much more data than they thought they were sharing.

  The location of course, is the usual

  	Incyte Genomics

		3160 Porter Drive
		Nearest major cross streets: Page Mill Road 
		                         and Porter Drive
		Nearest highway entrance: 280 freeway (or Foothill Xpwy)
					Page Mill Road exit
			head "north" - towards El Camino Real, and
			Mountain View.
  And the timeframe is 
  	7:30 to 9:30... 
		or so... probably more like 10 pm.

  There will be snacks, sodas, fellow administrators to hang out with,
  and announcements of whatever sorts you feel inclined to before the
  speaker begins.  

  Anyone is welcome to join BayLISA as a member, or to encourage their
  companies to become corpoarate members.  We also sell pint glasses and
  T-shirts.  The older style cyan t-shirts are almost gone but we have 
  plenty of modern black ones :)

  Anyone inclined to dinner afterwards should make sure to hang out after 
  the speaker finishes and make sure we're all going to the same address.

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