[svlug] Wednesday's free screening of Revolution OS

Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Mon Aug 12 13:30:22 PDT 2002

So someone made me say during last meeting that the Revolution OS would
be by linuxworld in San Francisco.
This is apparently incorrect from the Email I just received.
The free screening is going to be this wednesday in San Jose.

As soon  as the  camera 3 publishes  their schedule, I'll  send an  Email to
svlug-announce about the showing that will be on sunday 25th.
My guess  is that  it will be  shown around  19:00 and we  could go  to that
showing (for the benefit of people who get up early on monday)

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From: "J.T.S. Moore" <jtsmoore at pacificnet.net>
Subject: Wednesday's free screening


If possible, could you send a reminder to SVLUG that there will a free
screening of REVOLUTION OS for anyone who is interested at 10 AM on
Wednesday, August 14, at
Camera 3 Cinemas at 288 South Second Street (corner of 2nd and San
Carlos) in downtown San Jose.  I will be at the end of the screening to
take questions.

I'm sorry to be a bother about the screenings.  I just want to make sure
that anyone who really wants to see the film for free knows they have
the chance.  The regular theatrical engagement will begin on Friday,
August 23.

Thanks again for your help.


J.T.S. Moore

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