[svlug] Best way to monitor for a remote connection?

Jim theotiwii at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 6 10:56:20 PDT 2002

I'm experimenting with sending a GUI toolbar from my server to a remote
system, allowing me to run programs on the server remotely via the mouse

Day one and it works great (for those interested, it's a GTK tool bar,
Lortug - http://lortug.sourceforge.net/).

GOAL: Let the server monitor for a specified remote connection then send
the tool bar automatically to that system. (rather then logging in to
fetch it).

QUESTION: Can anyone suggest a methodology?

One scenario: run a cron on the server to grep some file (?) for
connection info (or perhaps fping a connection)... etc, etc... What
might be the most efficient method for this test?

Thanks for any help on the matter.


PS: I'm switching backup software (formerly BRU) and after yet another
EXHAUSTIVE search of available GPL products, found DAR (Disk ARchive
http://dar.linux.free.fr/) ... quite impressive. My question, does
anyone have experience worth relating concerning this package (before I
commit my data to it)?

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