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John Conover conover at rahul.net
Thu Nov 29 22:17:01 PST 2001




John Conover writes:
> Hi Don. That's pretty much the way qmail is. On the home page at
> http://www.qmail.org, are a gazillion modifications, made by a bunch
> of folks-but the only version subject to the bounty must have the
> correct digital signature, and that one is the freely distributed
> version-and the one on the CDs in the Sams/Macmillian books.
>         John
> BTW, this subject has been an eternal thread on the qmail mailing list
> for years-the author does maintain his own copyright of qmail, and
> that has been an issue for some folks. This thread would probably be
> more appropriately pursued there where the author can express his
> own views-and frequently does.
> I was tangentially involved in the Debian/Bernstein issues and my
> personal opinion was that there were more personality issues than
> software distribution issues. Bear in mind that I have my own
> opinions, and maintain copyright on all the software on
> http://www.johncon.com/, too-all of which have been distributed on CDs
> in the Linux community at no charge.
> Don Marti writes:
> > begin John Conover quotation of Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 12:26:45AM -0000:
> > 
> > > He really can't let indiscriminate modification with those kinds of
> > > T&C's.
> > 
> > Au contraire.
> > 
> > Donald Knuth, author of TeX, offers a cash reward for bugs; the TeX
> > license simply requires that any modified version must be identified
> > as such, and not distributed in such a way to be confused with the
> > original version.
> > 
> > Any author who offers a reward is perfectly free not to pay when a
> > bug doesn't exist in his original version, whatever the license.
> > The existence of a reward does nothing to justify user-hostile
> > licensing terms.

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