[svlug] Re: Monopoly and punishment

jsanchez79@netscape.net jsanchez79 at netscape.net
Thu Nov 29 14:05:01 PST 2001

Opinion: Giving their software away is like having a drug dealer give
away some of his stuff to avoid punisment.

Situation: Kid walks into computer class. Sits down and turns on PC, what do you know Windows comes up (maybe after a few tries). He likes what he/she is seeing and goes home but there is no computer there. So what happens, he/she tells mommy and daddy that they want a computer with Windows just like in school. Well the happy family drives to their local computer store and buy a computer with windows (windows that do break). 

If this happens M$ will win at the end. Also students will be robbed from experimenting with different options like Linux/Macs/etc.  

Solutions: Protest outdside SV M$ site, ???any suggestions??

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