[svlug] deny ssh

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Tue Nov 27 17:50:02 PST 2001

John Conover wrote:

> BTW, this subject has been an eternal thread on the qmail mailing list
> for years-the author does maintain his own copyright of qmail, and
> that has been an issue for some folks. This thread would probably be
> more appropriately pursued there where the author can express his
> own views-and frequently does.

Frankly, I don't even see what there is to discuss.  Whatever its other 
merits might be, the license clearly is not open source, since it does 
not allow modified versions to be distributed. That doesn't make it 
worthless, poor quality, etc. It doesn't mean that he doesn't have a 
good reason for doing it that way, or that anyone else has a right to 
tell him what to do with the software he wrote.  Just that it is not 
open source.

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