[svlug] deny ssh

John Conover conover at rahul.net
Tue Nov 27 17:36:01 PST 2001

Hi Don. That's pretty much the way qmail is. On the home page at
http://www.qmail.org, are a gazillion modifications, made by a bunch
of folks-but the only version subject to the bounty must have the
correct digital signature, and that one is the freely distributed
version-and the one on the CDs in the Sams/Macmillian books.



BTW, this subject has been an eternal thread on the qmail mailing list
for years-the author does maintain his own copyright of qmail, and
that has been an issue for some folks. This thread would probably be
more appropriately pursued there where the author can express his
own views-and frequently does.

I was tangentially involved in the Debian/Bernstein issues and my
personal opinion was that there were more personality issues than
software distribution issues. Bear in mind that I have my own
opinions, and maintain copyright on all the software on
http://www.johncon.com/, too-all of which have been distributed on CDs
in the Linux community at no charge.

Don Marti writes:
> begin John Conover quotation of Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 12:26:45AM -0000:
> > He really can't let indiscriminate modification with those kinds of
> > T&C's.
> Au contraire.
> Donald Knuth, author of TeX, offers a cash reward for bugs; the TeX
> license simply requires that any modified version must be identified
> as such, and not distributed in such a way to be confused with the
> original version.
> Any author who offers a reward is perfectly free not to pay when a
> bug doesn't exist in his original version, whatever the license.
> The existence of a reward does nothing to justify user-hostile
> licensing terms.

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