[svlug] deny ssh

Robert Khachikyan rkhachik at sdsio.jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 27 09:31:02 PST 2001

or just put ipchains and deny the ip to port 22(ssh).

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Step 1 B wrote:
> hi
> How do I deny ssh from a particular host ?
> I am using RH6.2.
> hosts.deny/allow worked on RH7.1 but not on 6.2.

Red Hat 6.2 doesn't have an official Red Hat-provided ssh .RPM (RH 7.x
does).  So you need to either get a built ssh from somewhere else, or
build it yourself.  If you want to build openssh, use the
--with-tcp-wrappers option on ./configure to get hosts.{allow,deny}

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