[svlug] About exim bounce messages

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Mon Nov 26 17:44:02 PST 2001

At 4:57 PM -0800 11/26/01, William R. Ward wrote:
>Derek J. Balling writes:
>>Surely this error message should replace:
>>(host -t MX domain)
>>(host -t MX domain  /or/  host -t A domain)
>>Since it doesn't actually NEED an MX record if the host at the A
>>record handles its own mail. And this is an interesting point I ask,
>>$  host -t a c1714876-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com
>>c1714876-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com has address
>While I agree that it would be nice to send it to the A record, I
>think it is not consistent with the RFC to do so.  An MX record is
>mandatory to receive mail, I believe.

You believe wrong. *grin* It is only required if you wish to 
designate "some other site to act as a Mail eXchanger".  If 
$RIGHT_HAND_SIDE doesn't have an MX, you'd damned well better try 
sending it direct to the A record, so sayeth the relevant RFC's.

>To explain the second bounce error that was sent (which I did
>receive): After home.wards.net was working, and my envelope set to
>that value, it wasn't working because the MX for home.wards.net was
>mistakenly pointing to mail.wards.net, which is the machine (at my
>ISP) that hosts the domain wards.net.  But that machine doesn't answer
>to home.wards.net, so those messages failed.  I fixed the MX to point
>back to itself, as it should have been all along, and things started
>to work finally.

That, I figured, was an honest-to-goodness mistake on your end, and 
that's why I didn't even address it. :)

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