[svlug] About exim bounce messages

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Mon Nov 26 16:16:11 PST 2001

>2001-11-24 12:34:55 167jVn-0007fB-00 rejected from 
>om (c1714876-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com.) [] (root): can't 
>currently verif
>y any sender in the header lines (envelope sender is 
><bill at c1714876-a.stcla1.sfb
>a.home.com>). Are you sure your domain in From: and/or Reply-To: 
>resolves from t
>he internet (host -t MX domain) and can be connected back to for 
>delivery of rep
>lies? - Failure is temporary, you can try again later

Surely this error message should replace:

(host -t MX domain)


(host -t MX domain  /or/  host -t A domain)

Since it doesn't actually NEED an MX record if the host at the A 
record handles its own mail. And this is an interesting point I ask, 

$  host -t a c1714876-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com
c1714876-a.stcla1.sfba.home.com has address

seems to work quite nicely, and if you gave that error above, there's 
something wrong (unless home.com was having some sort of freak 
outage, which isn't impossible, but seems unlikely since you were 
obviously able to get the reverse lookup).

Or are you talking ABOUT "header from field" but reporting back the 
"envelope from field"? That might be one interpretation of what 
you've got in that error message there, but if so, that's probably 
more confusing than anything else.

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