[svlug] testing

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Nov 26 13:13:01 PST 2001

Marc MERLIN <marc_news at valinux.com> writes:
> > I'm just saying it would be nice if it could be smoother for others
> > who have less experience with this sort of thing.
> Please find out what exim could do better without breaking RFCs, and submit
> your idea to Phillip, or even better, a patch.

Well, here's one idea that would probably not require any changes to
exim, and could probably be done as a configuration change on the
svlug.org server: include a helpful message in the bounce reply.  I'm
sure that there have been and will be other people who have trouble
sending mail to the svlug mailing lists.  Especially since this is a
community where people, especially newbies, tend to be messing around
with configurations for their DNS, e-mail, etc., and might be having
trouble getting things to work right.  And as such, they would
probably be unable to ask for help on the list.  It's a
chicken-and-egg problem.

If the bounce message would have some instructions, or perhaps a link
to a web page that had some instructions, it would have been helpful
in diagnosing this kind of problem.  Some kind of FAQ for being unable
to post to the list, explaining the need for a working reverse DNS,
for the envelope sender to be validateable, etc., and brief
instructions on how to fix it, would be helpful.

I've been around the Net long enough to "know better" when it comes to
posting test messages to the mailing list.  However, I didn't know
there was a test list, and I thought sending mail to postmaster
wouldn't be a good test since the problem might have been with mailman
rather than exim.

Anyway, the traffic generated by this thread is far more than the
original test messages, so I suggest we just drop the topic.  Again, I
apologize for all the inconvenience to the members of the list.


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