[svlug] testing

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Mon Nov 26 09:09:01 PST 2001

On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 03:23:35PM -0800, William R Ward wrote:
> bill at wards.net (William R. Ward) writes:
> > I'm having trouble mailing this list due to Sendmail and/or DNS
> > issues.  Please ignore this.
> OK - it looks like it works now.  I apologize if you got several of
> these; there appears to be some delay in delivery, and so I kept
> trying during the interim.

No, no, no.
As several others mentionned, what if everyone did that?

1) There is a test list

2) You can always Email postmaster at svlug.org, it usually the place to
   ask when you have mail issues and it would have doubled as a test in this

BTW, the  exim config on svlug.org  refuses Emails which fail  SMTP callback
(it makes sure the  header and envelope froms are valid  by attempting a the
beginning of  a delivery back  to the MXes for  the domains linked  to those
addresses (they can either be different or identical))

Accepting mail  that can't be bounced  back to (envelope sender  invalid) is
just a  bad idea. The  target mail  server ends  up with  the mail  it can't
bounce if there are any problems.
People  who can't/won't  receive  bounces to  the mails  they  send have  no
business sending Email.

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