[svlug] Low-Latency Patches for 2.4.14, anyone?

Christopher Lee clee at spiralis.merseine.nu
Sun Nov 25 17:33:01 PST 2001

>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Zawodny <Jeremy at Zawodny.com> writes:

    Jeremy> Google tells me the page (and patches) is here:
    Jeremy> http://www.uow.edu.au/~andrewm/linux/schedlat.html

    Jeremy> But that URLs is giving a permission denied message.  Anyone
    Jeremy> have an alternative URL where I can get the low-latency patches
    Jeremy> for 2.4.14?

I can't reach Andrew's site at the moment either.

I have copies of several of the low-latency patches at
ftp://retina3.wustl.edu/pub/chris.  They're all taken from Andrew Morten's
site.  You're welcome to try them.


Notes: I've had problems with the 2.4.14 patch on my SMP machine.  I use
2.4.9 or 2.4.10ac-12 for SMP.  R. Love's preemptable kernel patch works
fairly well w/ 2.4.14 but doesn't give as low-lowlatencies when compared to
Andrew's work (worse case latency reaches 8 or 9ms with rml's patch, but
says under 4ms w/ Andrew's.

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