[svlug] Help with Mailman & Sendmail virtusertable

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Sun Nov 25 16:33:01 PST 2001

> Because there are so many domains on this server, a very complex
> virtusertable database is used.  It is possible that this is involved
> in the problem.

-- I run several ... In tracing the issue, recall:

   1.  ONE pass happens through the /etc/mail/virtusertable
   2.  Multiple passes (with loop detection) happen through 
the /etc/aliases file

Assuming (for analysis) the domain to be  baylego.org   and that 
/etc/mail/access, and /etc/mail/local-host-names already are 
correctly set ... I would expect to see:


mailman at baylego.org		mailman at localhost
#	The preceeding line is supplemental to the base 
#	identities which are generally needed and used by 
#	MailMan
legolist at baylego.org		legolist at localhost
# (and ditto for the other three)
legolist-announce-admin at baylego.org	legolist-announce-admi at localhost
legolist-announce-request at baylego.org	legolist-announce-request at localhost
legolist-announce-owner at baylego.org	legolist-announce-owner at localhost

(and in /etc/aliases)

## openup-announce mailing list
## created: xx-xx-2001 root
legolist-announce:         "|/var/mailman/mail/wrapper post 
legolist-announce-admin:   "|/var/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner
legolist-announce-request: "|/var/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd
legolist-announce-owner:   legolist-announce-admin

Rebuild the hashes -- easiest to stop and restart sendmail.  
tail -f /var/log/maillog and send a couple of test pieces --

MailMan leaves logfiles in /var/mailman/logs in the Red Hat
7.x variant -- not optimal, and not yet compliant with FHS --
I intend to Bugzilla soon.  The Mailman default runs the queue 
too often -- every minute -- and I have noted a usage note in 
the RH Bugzilla on this already.

The MailMan docs are spotty -- but the project is relatively 

-- Russ Herrold

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