[svlug] Testing

William R. Ward bill at wards.net
Sun Nov 25 16:26:01 PST 2001

Rafael Skodlar writes:
>You have to pickup that one with Marc. I had exact the same problem.  
>SVLUGs MTA times out faster than other MTAs on the net if the server takes
>too long on the other side. I mentioned to Marc that my server connects
>fine with AOL but he did not think it's a good example to compare ;-)
>so I had to adjust my side.

I would tend to think that if this list is supposed to be for Linux
newbies to access, it should probably be fairly easy to connect to.
Even if that means putting up with a few spam messages from time to
time.  Or at least, if a message fails the checks it should go to a
human administrator for review.

>As far as I know, SVLUGs MTA won't take email from servers with IPs that
>cannot be resolved to a name.

Yes, and there are many others with that problem.  That was one of the
issues I faced.  The others were 1) resolv.conf didn't list my private
name server which was needed to resolve all the machine's own IP
addresses, and 2) MX was pointing to the wrong host.  It doesn't just
resolve the IP, it apparently connects to the SMTP server and verifies
the sender as a valid address.  This last step was failing because it
was asking the wrong SMTP server, due to an MX config error on my


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