[svlug] Testing

William R. Ward bill at wards.net
Sun Nov 25 15:47:01 PST 2001

Rafael Skodlar writes:
>There are at least 3 test messages that made it to the list. While it's 
>not hard to "ignore" such messages, can you imagine how it would look like 
>if everybody would send 3 or so test messages to the list?
>You don't tell where you are coming from in order to help you out with
>your problem.
>I strongly encourage you to test email some other way than use mailing 
>lists. What I do is test email between work or some other server 
>(friends) and the system I'm trying to setup. If at all possible, run the 
>daemon in debug mode to show verbose details during the connection.
>When that works I try other places and see what happens. If the message
>makes it to the mailing list and back to you then your setup is most
>likely OK. Details can be worked out when others point out any problems
>that might arise.

As I posted before, I apologize for sending multiple test messages to
the list.  I thought that they were not getting through - in fact, I
think that there were even one or two that sent me a bounce message
(NOT a warning, but an error), and still got through to the list!
Also, there was a delay in my receipt of the list messages, so it
looked like I was sending stuff into a black hole.

I realize it's bad to send test messages to the mailing list to test
if my e-mail was working.  But that's not what I was doing.  The
svlug.org mail server was being very picky about how my DNS and
Sendmail configuration was set up, and it took many tries before it
started to work.

Mail to other destinations has been working fine - only the svlug
mailing list has given me problems.  Therefore, I had no choice but to
use the svlug at svlug.org address for the tests.  I apologize for the
inconvenience, and as it's working now obviously it won't happen


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