[svlug] unix interactive 4.1.1

Tin Le tin at le.org
Fri Nov 23 22:14:01 PST 2001

>I want to know if this situacion is possible.=20
>I have an older 386 pc that has the unix interactive 4.1.1 operatyng =
>system and has an x.25 osipass board and CEM software for jiscos =
>telephony equipment. Somebody knows if there is possible to run this CEM =
>software under linux? There exits some kind of emulator (like iBCS) in =
>order to run unix interactive's programs under linux? If I buy a new =
>x.25 board for linux, there exits possibilities that works with CEM =

I don't think you will get any answer here.  Not too many people know
who Interactive is these days.

Interactive port is based on SVR2 and later releases on SVR3.2.  So yours
should be iBCS compliant.  There is a chance that CEM might work on Linux.
You have a better chance though with Solaris x86.  I know they do have
iBCS 1 and 2 support.

It does not hurt to try running CEM on a Linux box, even if you don't
have driver support for the X.25 board.  Good luck and thanks for
bringing back memory.  I thought Interactive was much better than SCO.

Tin Le
Tin Le - tin at le.org
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