[svlug] CompactFlash and digital cameras...

Felipe Leme felipeal at iname.com
Thu Nov 22 16:30:02 PST 2001

Kedar Patankar wrote:

>expansion slot, then would it be enough to get such a camera and SanDisk USB
>adaptor for CompactFlash and swap the CF cartridge between camera and USB
>adaptor to get it working on linux?
I think all the cameras use the CompactFlash memory as a filesystem (I 
once use a card in 2 different cameras, and they even stored their 
pictures in different directories. I think it's even possible to update 
the camera firmware throught the card), and as such, it can be read by a 
memory card reader (just make sure to buy a card that is supported by 
linux :)

>Or do I need the camera to be explicitly supported by gPhoto/jPhoto?
There are (AFAIK) 3 ways to directly access the pictures on the camera:

- USB mass storage: in this case, when you plug the camera in the USB 
bus, a file is created  somewhere in the /dev/usb tree, and then you can 
mount that file as  a filesystem (vfat, I think). See 
http://www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/ for supported devices.
- gphoto (I never used it, because it still don't support my Kodak 
DX3600 camera)
- jphoto (jphoto is similar to gphoto, but it also supports camera that 
follow the PTP protocol, like the Kodak DX series)

So, before you buy a camera, see if it supported by one of these methods 
(even if it is not, you can still use the memory card reader). It's even 
possible that the exact model you're looking for is not listed as 
supported, but a similar one is. Your model would work in most of cases, 
probably because it's a new one that nobody tested yet.


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