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on Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 08:43:42AM -0500, Hernando R. Quevedo A. (hquevedo_amaris at hotmail.com) wrote:
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> hello, 
> I want to know if this situacion is possible. 
> I have an older 386 pc that has the unix interactive 4.1.1 operatyng
> system and has an x.25 osipass board and CEM software for jiscos
> telephony equipment. Somebody knows if there is possible to run this
> CEM software under linux? There exits some kind of emulator (like
> iBCS) in order to run unix interactive's programs under linux? If I
> buy a new x.25 board for linux, there exits possibilities that works
> with CEM software? 

You've posted this message three or four times now.  At least one of us
has suggested you set your mailer to send ASCII rather than HTML.  Many
of us skip or delete HTML messages without reading them.

Wrapping lines at 72 characters is also strongly recommended.

Running your message through a spell checker is also strongly

"Unix Interactive 4.1.1" doesn't mean anything to me.  Who is the

Your best source of information on your software is the vendor or a user
group familiar with your software.  

There are three x86 Unix binary compatibility standards I'm aware of:
iBCS, iABI, and GNU/Linux itself.  You want to find out if your program
supports one or more of these standards.

iBCS is supported under GNU/Linux, though I'm unfamiliar with it.

iABI is a dead standard, and the project explicitly replaces the
standard with a GNU/Linux binary standard.

GNU/Linux itself has emerged as the de facto standard for binary POSIX
compatibility (executables which can be executed on various Unix-like
operating environments on the x86 CPU standard).  It is supported by
GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, SCO, and other x86 Unix runalikes.


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